Stress and Anxiety

Having had panic attacks and suffered with stress in the past then I know how debilitating it can feel when you feel anxious. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows you to work in a team styled format with your therapy practitioner with the aim of aiding you in returning back to being the real you!

Sometimes in life there are stressful situations which confront us all and when we have to deal with a number of knocks then our “stress bucket” can start to overflow and that is when we can start to struggle to cope. This is where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can really help.

By working with a qualified, insured hypnotherapy practitioner then you are working with someone in a team styled fashion! We can move forward as a team by focusing on those small positive steps as we work towards larger goals – and crucially, we don’t have to look at the cause of the stress itself. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is designed to calm the mind and allows you to take control of your life again and so be better able to cope with situations which you may have found stressful in the past.