Aiding Sleep

Stress and our perception of issues in the workplace or at home can sometimes play havoc with our sleep patterns. I have certainly experienced sleepless nights in the past and found Solution Focused Hypnotherapy really helped me to restore good quality sleep.

In fact, I can now sleep soundly for eight hours solid – something I could have only dreamt about achieving a few years ago!

In simple terms, we all possess a “stress bucket” which we normally empty every night with REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

Unfortunately, REM is limited to 20% of our sleep pattern which means that if there is too much stress in our “bucket” then we may try to overdo REM which means we wake up, during the night, and when we do, then we can’t go back to sleep and so can become more stressed!

Of course, stress can also work in a way so that we try to overdo REM which, in itself, may be exhausting, and as such we find that we may stay in bed for prolonged periods of time during the day.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to reduce the “stress bucket” and engage the positive part of our brain so that we can focus on the “plus points” in life. By doing so then we further reduce the levels of the “stress bucket” and so normal sleep patterns should start to resume.