Minor Phobias and Fears

For many years I fought my own minor phobia about flying. I could get on a plane but I did not enjoy the flight itself! Eventually I sought professional help and soon overcame my fear and now actually look forward to the idea of getting a plane and heading overseas to enjoy a holiday, whilst also knowing that I won’t be worrying about the return journey when I get there! Minor phobias and fears are surprisingly common and have their origins in the subconscious part of the brain.

Effectively a phobia is created when the “fight, flight, freeze” part of the brain wrongly detects a danger associated with everyday life – such as public speaking, flying or even visiting the dentist.

This learnt response of fear mistakenly associates normal and safe occurrences, such as flying and public speaking, with potential danger and encourages us to react as if we are in actual danger, when we are not. It is this wrongful perception of danger that causes us to either completely avoid a situation or to be “hyper alert!” In reality, of course, we can relax and enjoy the flight or reap the praise of a speech well delivered. Don’t let your minor phobia or fear hold you back but instead contact me today to see how, by working together, we can move forward so providing you with a positive outlook for the future!