Weight Management

At one stage of my life, I was around 19 stone and struggled with weight management and dieting. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helped me to retake control over my eating habits. When we are faced with stress then the “emotional and primitive” part of the brain can often intercede in our thinking and decide that the best way forward for us is to engage in behavioural patterns which may be a problem for us, such as eating more and more.

When we start to have more food, particularly a diet that is bad for us, then our natural way of telling us when we are full (and also factors in helping us process the food itself) become less effective. As a result, then we become more negative and rely more and more on the “emotional and primitive” part of the brain. In turn, we carry on eating more and more and so the weight starts to go on. So we eat more and more.

By working with a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Practitioner we work on reducing the stress that leads us to think in this primitive and emotional way and so we can start to take control of our eating habits. In doing so then we should start to eat better and reduce those cravings so we are back in control of our eating habits!

A note on weight management: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioners tend not to provide the one-off miracle “hypnotic gastric band” session to try to ease those cravings but, instead, work with a client over a number of sessions. We are certainly not qualified diet experts and cannot provide advice on what can and cannot be eaten. Neither are we qualified PT instructors and so cannot advise on fitness.